Kahwa Font | Type Study

The Kahwa font is developed from the original Seria Latin font designed by Martin Majoor in 1996 and the Seria Arabic font designed by Pascal Zoghbi in 2007. The Kahwa font is based on the stains of the Turkish coffee combining the dregs, the coffee itself and all. The Kahwa font is characterized with its stainy and non clean counters and edges. The Latin Kahwa font is characterized with long descenders and ascenders. As for the Arabic Kahwa font it is based on the Nasekh Type. The Kahwa font is a informal type and in particular a strictly display font. It cant be used for body text and it surely needs a big font size for its functionality. Its undefined edges along with its dirty counters makes it perfect for a coffee advertisement. It can be used on billboards, magazines. Newspapers and posters. It does not a visual to support it because the font talks for itself. The coffee inspired font gives you the perfect mood to grab a cup of coffee and directly gives the message that is needed. With all the informality the Kahwa font still it preserves its messy details such as the dregs and the liquid feel. The type of beans used for this font is the Turkish coffee blend in which we use and abuse in all of our Lebanese regions.

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